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    O'Hara, Lenny

    Lenny O'Hara

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    O'Hara, Lenny

    Post  Lenny O'Hara on Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:11 am


    ”Well, I guess I'll win. Can't hurt to hope, can it?”


    Lenny O'Hara



    Malachite Town




    - Pokemon training
    - Camping
    - Tinkering and building things

    - Has practised building various things out of improvised materials, and thus has a keen eye for
    - Is very wise about terrain and battle conditions such as rocky ground and weather
    - Very physically fit and enduring, able to take a lot of punishment.

    - Not very self-sufficient. Needs Bonnie to make his tent, cook his food and generally keep him alive.
    - Stupid
    - Doesn't know when to quit... at all.



    A messy mop of blonde hair sits on his head, reaching his shoulders. His face is a very fresh one, wide blue eyes and a face that naturally smiles almost constantly simply by reflex. He's tall but by no means large; he's too gangly to be described "big", his long legs and arms and his tall torso not having much in the way of muscle on them. However, the lack of muscles can be a deceptive sight; he's extremely physically fit, and has an superhuman sense of balance, which is reflected in his posture and gait over all. His clothes are usually extremely muddy, dusty or just dirty in general, but he still retains some charm about him. He has a quite a fast way of talking, as if he's not really got thought out what he's going to say before he's said it, usually because he hasn't. The voice itself is quite soft but it carries quite far, like he's always in an empty room.

    Lenny is a wide eyed, optimistic and admittedly pretty dim individual. He's almost always trying to hold a smile on his face, meeting every obstacle with a wide grin and taking every knock with admirable gusto. Nothing seems to able to dampen his mood or lower his soul. This makes him very friendly and approachable; easy to approach, selfless and eager to make new friends. Of course, a lot of this might have to do with the fact that he's astoundingly stupid.

    Lenny almost relies entirely on his irritable but ultimately faithful Cubone, Bonnie, to do his cooking, cleaning, putting up his tent and generally taking care of him, and will always be trying to influence his many incredibly bad choices, often in vain. He's not stupid in every respect; he's very good at raising his pokemon and knowing how to treat them, but when it comes to actually battling he'll almost always rely on luck and a can-do spirit. Although, as a sidenote, he's incredibly smart about terrain and how certain pokemon fight in certain conditions, often using unconventional methods to win. Otherwise, everything goes well over his head.

    To an extent, though, Lenny knows this; he'll often end up looking to Bonnie for instructions if he feels lost or confused, or if situations and battles in particular are going pear-shaped. He can't think his way out of a paper bag, but he knows that he doesn't always need to if Bonnie's on hand. Besides, if he fails once he knows he can simply try again. He's relentlessly dogged in his pursuit of his goals, regardless of how good he is at actually getting them.

    Lenny O'Hara was set for becoming champion from the word go.

    He wasn't really that good at battling as a kid, but he adored watching the various champions rise and fall from their thrones, in particular his personal favourite, Mickey O'Connor. He would spend hours watching televised matches from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova in his youth, and many more recording and rewatching said matches. About ten years ago, though, he heard that Atoria was in the organisation process of making its own league. In a flash, he decided to prepare for the tournament. He got some books about catching pokemon for amateurs ran right into Chiten Forest to make traps and catch his very own pokemon. He spent days researching traps and methods of catching a pokemon when you don't have one of your own, and finally spent one day making all the traps he had learnt, went home, and waited patiently.

    When he went back to Chiten Forest, though, he found that something or someone had dismantled every single one.

    The snares had been untied, the leaves covering pits had been kicked away, the nets had been cut and the sticks had been smashed. For anyone else, this might have been enough to make them give in, but Lenny was undeterred. He simply rebuilt them, and went home that night.

    He got back to find the same thing had happened again. They were very deliberately dismantled in the same way, so it was obviously the same pokemon, but Lenny tried again...

    ... and again...

    ... and again and again for months, until finally Lenny got fed up. Packing his bags, he decided that he'd simply stand guard at one of the traps and see who was doing all the damage. He built himself a flimsy tent and watched the first snare he made like a hawk. Night came soon enough, and he saw a Cubone walk right up to the snare, set it off with her bone, then untie it easily. That's when he struck, trying to catch the Cubone. However, it escaped and he got completely lost. He walked in every direction through the black forest, eager hungry eyes watching him, and he didn't find his tent until daybreak after he had been bitten to pieces by Spinarak, only to find the tent smashed and broken. Undeterred, he set another trap, rebuilt his tent and waited until night. This time he didn't even see the Cubone coming, before it replaced his pillow with a sleeping Kakuna that evolved in the night. But Lenny didn't stop trying; over and over he kept blindly assuming that he'd catch the Cubone, even as his bad cooking skills began to show. He was half-starved, cold and had bags under his eyes from restless nights, but, much to the Cubone's chargrin, he refused to back down and leave. Finally, the Cubone decided to make sure Lenny never wanted to come back to the forest again and, in her rage, provoked a stampede of Pinsir, Heracross, Scyther and every deadly pokemon she could find, hoping to drive Lenny out...

    ... only for the stampede to attack her instead.

    The Cubone ended up having to flee for its life; even in the dark it got lost, couldn't draw the stampede towards the tent and ended up in a corner. When it seemed like the stampeding pokemon would tear her apart, a rope wrapped around her waist and yanked her out of trouble. Lenny caught her in his arms, then dodged the stampede. From then on, Lenny and the Cubone, which he called Bonnie, were practically inseperable.

    Rather than join the league challenge right away, Lenny tried to hone his wilderness living skills, though ended up relying on Bonnie anyway, who'd make him his food and make his tent, and wasn't that far from making his bed as well. He improved, though, showing his talent for manual labour and building things. Tents still alluded him for some reason, but other things such as makeshift ladders, treehouses, bridges and his navigation skills only got better and better. He was also good enough at building traps to catch a Cyndaquil which he took into his care once he discovered that it refused to open its eyes and was, or might as well have been, blind. Finally, after years of preparing, he felt ready enough to take on the Ivory League.




    Nickname: Bonnie
    Species: Cubone
    Gender: Female
    Type: Ground
    - Growl
    - Bone Club
    - Tail Whip
    Ability: Rock Head
    Level: 8
    Personality: Bonnie is Lenny's long-suffering main pokemon, best friend and, in many ways, the only reason he's still alive. She does his cooking, cleaning and takes care of him, and tries her best to curb his leanings towards idiocy. Suffering in silence, she relies entirely on body language to express her exaserpation at her master, her frustration usually obvious to everyone BUT Lenny. However, Lenny does seem to know that she's smarter than him, and will often ask for her advice, if only after he's made a pig's ear of everything rather than before. Despite her frustrations, though, Bonnie is outstandingly loyal to Lenny, and seems to rely just as much on him as he does to her. She can be quite cold and distant, and rarely lets a drop of emotion shine through, but Lenny is able to bring that out.
    Original Owner: Lenny


    Nickname: Clyde
    Species: Cyndaquil
    Gender: Male
    Type: Fire
    - Leer
    - Tackle
    - Flame Burst
    - Smokescreen
    Ability: Blaze
    Level: 9
    Personality: Clyde is not much like either Lenny or Bonnie. He's in fact extremely timid and shy, preferring to keep himself to himself and tries to avoid much contact with others. He still relies on Lenny and Bonnie to get him around, and trusts them to point him in the right directions either in battle or simply on the road, but the two of them have attempted to get him to open his eyes and are yet to succeed. It is not known why he keeps his eyes closed, other than out of shyness. A slightly unwarrented shyness; in combat, Clyde is a monster. Fast and aggressive, pretty much the only thing holding him back is self-imposed blindness, though Lenny's learnt to tell him in what direction to aim and what's coming from where, but Clyde would much rather relax and take the world slowly than fight over it, though he's happy to fight at Lenny's command. Like Bonnie, he's extremely loyal to Lenny, but unlike Bonnie he's also very trusting, which considering Lenny's intelligence is not a great idea.
    Original Owner: Lenny




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    Re: O'Hara, Lenny

    Post  Cain Adonis on Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:27 am


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