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    Tuesday, Averi

    Averi Tuesday

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    Tuesday, Averi

    Post  Averi Tuesday on Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:17 am


    ”Ya'll just jeal'in on my adorable factor!”


    NAME:Averi Tuesday
    GENDER:YES! Female
    LOCATION:Moonstone Town



    HOBBIES: Averi enjoys defeating puny opponents into the sand, spending the day playing with her pokémon, and singing
    SKILLS: Overcoming OBVIOUS obstacles in battle strategy! Offensive battle style! Fiercely determined
    WEAKNESSES: Only uses one type (Psychic), reckless offense with little defense, overconfident, far too mouthy for her own good.


    DESCRIPTION: A girl walks boldly into the room of a Pokémon Center, confidently strolling straight past others and their Pokémon. She walks with power in every step, and gives off a feeling that she could possibly be a master of trainers everywhere. Blonde locks sway side to side as she steps up to the counter, finally ceasing movement and settling straight behind her back, reaching about halfway towards her waist. Locking cerulean eyes with one of ten billion Nurse Joys, she gave off a cocky grin, as she reached in to the small pouch at her hip, perfectly complementing her pleated white skirt. Above this skirt, one would see that she wore a gray tank top, covered by a black hooded jacket, hood down. Retrieving from this pouch her two Pokeballs, she placed them on the table.

    Then, with what seemed almost to be a villainous monologue, as Nurse Joy fixed her Pokemon, she paced around within ten steps or so of the front desk, loudly explaining for all to hear how she'd just been in the biggest, most epic, battle in all of recorded history. In a voice somewhat girlish and carrying tones both of supremecy and of her headstrong nature, she went on, reporting thhe following;

    PERSONALITY: "Ah, yes, it was a grand battle! In the very center of Chiten Forest, there I was; I'd already released all but two of my Pokemon, since honestly, I only needed two. Anyways, this guy came up to me and said e was a gym leader. Long story short, I trashed his team, and then won the rematch he'd requested. How did my Pokemon faint, you ask? Well, that's because I was battling Palkia as well, after the rematch. Dropped it to its last few bits of health, it was good as mine, and then it had Dialga flank me and my Pokemon. Eh, what're you gonna do? Either way, I ran all the way from Chiten forest ere. Hmm, well, look at the time. Have an important battle with Vic, y'know, the Champion. Can't be late~" If only from this sole story, one can already tell, upon meeting the girl, that she was a gloater. And not just a braggart of any small accomplishments she made, rather, one who would tell you, straightfaced, that she had beaten the Elite Four with a Magikarp, without items.

    But aside from bragging, another trait of her's can be seen easily; she's cocky. Just in the way she carries herself and talks, one can easily see that she has a rather impressive streak of rashness, as well as a desire both for competition in some form, and the need to win the aforementioned competitions, at the least, in her own eyes.

    And of course, she doesn't consist of bragging and arrogance alone. She usually, outside the company of a large crowd, tends to be an excitable, cheerful, girl, and is especially fond of her Pokemon, who she'll often talk when bored.And of course, in the presence of a close friend, she'll be hyper and happy still, and will talk to them instead, often requesting battles with those close friends.

    HISTORY: Ah, but who may be this girl born in Moonstone Town? This girl is called Averi Tuesday, and to begin her story, she was born to one Daniel Tuesday, renowned trainer of Pokemon, who'd taken on the Elite Four numerous times, yet never defeated the Champion. Always a strong man, in body, mind, and spirit, he was young Averi's idol, and still is today. Her mother was a Maria Tuesday, hailing from the long line of Pokemon salon workers, the Jeriko family. In addition to making Pokemon happier and looking nicer, she was also a talented cook, and passed on her kitchen skills to Averi, who can, thanks to her mother, make decent food from things found in nature, as well as things bought from a grocery store or such. With these two influences on her life, her path as a trainer was laid out rather nicely for her.

    During her first eight years of life, not too much happened. She learned stuff, helped around the house, played with her parents' Pokemon, always wishing for her own. This wish was fulfilled, however, the following year; at nine years of age, her father entrusted in her hands a small Ralts, bred specifically for her during her travels as a Pokemon trainer. With this Pokemon in hand, she bonded well with it, naming it Primrose, and one year later was the time every young person could get their trainer's license, which she did. She traveled over to Professor Redwood's lab all the way from Moonstone Town, and upon arriving, was met with a few choices for a Pokemon alongside her license. Her choices had been between Bagon, Gibble, and Solosis, all powerful Pokemon once fully evolved, but she chose Solosis, seemingly dumber of a choice than the kill-it-all Salamence-to-be and the dream crushing land shark, Garchomp. So, Solosis and Ralts in hand, she set out to become the bestest trainer! Not JUST the best trainer, no! HE BESTEST. THE BEST OF THE BEST!

    And for the six years following that fateful day of gaining her second Pokemon, she spent her team travelling, seeing the world, and crushing puny Caterpies... BUT SHE'D BE A MASTER TRAINER EVENTUALLY!



    Nickname: Primrose
    Species: Ralts
    Gender: Female
    Type: Psychic
    Shadow Sneak (Breeding)
    Ability: Trace
    Level: 5
    Personality: Primrose is a handful, usually. Always akin to her trainer's own personality, she's cocky, usually good-spirited, and of course a bit of a braggart. But, a bit moreso than Averi, she tends to be hot-headed and easily annoyed, and always with a scrappy need for a fight.
    Original Owner: Averi Tuesday

    Nickname: Meebo
    Species: Solosis
    Gender: Male
    Type: Psychic
    Night Shade (Breeding)
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Personality: In complete opposite to Primrose, Meebo is usually calm, collected, although friendly. Sorta like a toothless old beage compared to Primrose being a chihuahua, in terms of personality.
    Original Owner: Averi Tuesday



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    Cain Adonis

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    Re: Tuesday, Averi

    Post  Cain Adonis on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:47 am


    Pretty much.

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