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    Fuddy Duddy [OPEN TO ALL]

    Harvey Aegis

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    Fuddy Duddy [OPEN TO ALL]

    Post  Harvey Aegis on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:25 pm

    Stretching his arms into the air, Harvey took a deep breath of fresh air. In his opinion, the air was always best when it was fresh, free of the stifling odors that typically accompanied pollution (among other things). He could remember a time when there was a cloud of such a rank odor that he and his two traveling companions thought they would suffocate, only to discover that it was quite easy to pass through the aroma and into a fresher area. The memory put a smile on the young man's face, though few things didn't nowadays. If there was one thing he was known for, it was be his constant smiling, enhanced by his purple lower lip. A tug on his pant leg drew his mind away from thoughts of foul odors and back to the present. Looking down at the culprit, he was satisfied to see a familiar face - Bo-Bo, his Scraggy.

    "Scra~" A pale, yellow-tinted arm was waving in the direction of a group of people. They were all crowded around what appeared to be a bench, discussing something. Their laughs indicated that the subject had some entertainment value. Though the smile on the green-haired trainer's face had let up, it re-appeared just as quickly, and and he skipped toward the group, lifting his hands in the air to prepare himself for a handstand. When his hands touched the ground and his legs were swung into the air, a cry came from within his hoodie:

    "S-S-SAAAANDILE," the muffled sound appeared to say. Nala, Harvey's Sandile, was not fond of her trainer's spontaneous stunts, especially when they involved him being upside down. She had been napping in his hood, but had to grip the edge of the article of clothing to avoid falling out. Squirming, she gave up when she realized that he would remain upside down for a while yet.

    "WATCH OUT! HARVEY COMIN' THROUGH," he shouted, turning around so he could face the group. Still on his hands, he began to move toward them, legs dangling awkwardly above him. It was clear he'd done this before, as he was able to balance well enough to walk on his hands, but his escapades were always an amusing sight. Bo-Bo soon followed suit, his rubbery skin sliding down to his chin. If the trainer wasn't already a funny sight, then the Scraggy walking on its hands certainly was. Nala trailed behind them nervously.

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