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    Titim, Jesen

    Jesen Titim

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    Titim, Jesen

    Post  Jesen Titim on Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:09 pm


    ”Cutting people down is just a minor offense.”


    Jesen Titim



    Moonstone Town




    - Fishing
    - Jogging
    - Drawing

    - Ever need someone to get you some fresh fish? Jesen's the kid to ask.
    - He's an average cook.
    - Photographic memory.

    - Ghost Pokemon creep him out a bit.
    - He has a soft spot for cute Pokemon.
    - Highly impulsive in his decisions, and easily gotten offtrack.



    Jesen stands at five feet and nine inches, weighing 140 lbs, giving him a lanky appearance. He is by no means a tall boy, but not necessarily short either, standing somewhere in between when compared to his peers. His red hair is messily sprawled out over his face, reaching past his neck in the back, and nearly covering his pale, blue eyes in the front. Usually seen wearing a white, private-school style shirt with another black t-shirt underneath, as well as a pair of loose fitting black slacks and white sneakers with blue and gray trim, most would guess him to be a student of some sort. Living in a dark town like Moonstone hasn't exactly done wonders for his complexion. Sleepless nights have left him with bags under his eyes, and sometimes while fishing his mind will wonder, giving him a soulless look, although he has a fire burning within.

    Ever since he was a small child, Jesen has found it hard to get to sleep at night. His mind often leaves him worrying about what lurks within the shadows of Moonstone, and what sort of things could be plotting to harm him. His family not having the money necessary to hire therapists, decided to take things into their own hands and get him into a hobby to take his mind off of things. Acquiring his first fishing rod at the age of 12, Jesen took to the hobby quite well, finding himself fishing in the small ponds and rivers in the area until his assigned curfew.

    He isn't really the most social teen, much preferring to spend time with his family's pet Buizel, and when confronted by others he becomes quite sheepish. Glancing away when looked at, avoiding conversation with others, and even outright running away, sometimes, has become a part of his natural routine in public. This stems from his sheltered life, and fear of things and people he is not used to or considers "strange". The only person he's ever shown to be comfortable around is his mother, feeling like a burden to his overbearing father, no matter how much he tries to find time to spend with the man. Jesen feels most at home and with reality when he's fishing, and kindly gives his catches to those who ask, even though he mostly finds himself with a near-useless Magikarp on his line.

    Now at the age of seventeen, he's decided to leave home and start on the path of becoming a fine Pokemon trainer. Starting much older than most, he finds solace in the fact that he'll be leaving with two, as opposed to the usual one that most children leave with. The teen hopes that this journey will help him to develop his social skills, which are lacking for someone Jesen's age.

    Moonstone Town wasn't the most comforting place for a child to be raised. Jesen Titim was always fearful of the darkness around him, and of what frightful things could be hiding within the shadows, and with good reason. There was quite the scare in his neighborhood when rumors of Hypno stealing children away came. His parents, very worried for their child's safety, kept him inside at all times until the rumors had passed, and by that time the boy was already ten years old. Not having any friends to play with over the years, besides Uda, Jesen didn't really know how to react to the presence of others.

    On his twelfth birthday, Jesen was given his first fishing rod. At first he was afraid to head out to the local fishing holes alone, so he would bring his mother along, but soon enough he took to the sport and it became second nature to him. Over the years he honed his skills, going through three rods and a plethora of different baits. The kid was quite the fisherman, winning several contests in the area, and having his name known among some of the older, more experienced fishermen. Still, he would never buy pokeballs or take Uda on his trips. Jesen still didn't feel ready for that yet, no matter what his father told him or what words of encouragement he received. Owning pokeballs meant he was a trainer, and he hadn't had a battle before, not even a practice match. He had been offered training from the gym, but Jesen was far too shy to accept.

    After he had reached the age of seventeen, no schooling under his belt, and still having no experience in training Pokemon, Jesen decided it was time to grow up and find out what else was out there in the world. Picking up Uda's pokeball, he called the Buizel back inside and notched it upon his belt. Once his starter arrived, there'd be no turning back. The boy had made up his mind, and he had to do this. Not for his family's sake, but for his own. His life had to change, for better... or worse.




    Nickname: Smugleaf
    Species: Snivy
    Gender: Male
    Type: Grass
    - Magical Leaf
    - Tackle
    - Leer
    Ability: Contrary
    Level: 5
    Personality: Smugleaf is a lot like Jesen in a way, modest about its abilities and achievements. Although it can't speak, it still seems to shrug off wins and consider them nothing more than luck.
    Original Owner: Jesen Titim


    Nickname: Uda
    Species: Buizel
    Gender: Female
    Type: Water
    - SonicBoom
    - Growl
    - Aqua Tail
    Ability:Swift Swim
    Level: 6
    Personality: Uda is adamant in nature, always ready to do what she sets her mind to, and can't be persuaded otherwise. This leaves her beaten up quite a bit if she decides to see a battle through to the end, but is a fine quality to have while training.
    Original Owner: Titim Family





    [b]Tsuritama[/b] – [i]Sanada Uki[/i]

    Autumn's Child

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    Lenny O'Hara

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    Re: Titim, Jesen

    Post  Lenny O'Hara on Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:14 pm

    A few issues need a bit of clearing up, but it's nothing major. Once you've addressed these below, you should be approved no problem.

    Personality - Elaborate please. So far, I've mostly only got shyness to go on. How is Jesen shy? Will he actively avoid social interaction, or does he want to talk to people and ends up losing his nerve? Is he prone to panic, or is it a more quiet and constant state of nervousness? What about his attitudes towards people besides shyness? Will he run away from someone trying to speak to him? Is he rude? Kind? Selfless? Selfish? Few people are just shy.

    "The only person he's ever shown his true self around is his mother..." I'd change the wording here, unless you're going to elaborate on what he's like in more comfortable company. I'd personally go with "The only person he's comfortable around is his mother..."

    History - Consistency issues; if his parents were worried about him going outside due to Hypno stealing children, why would they let him outside alone even at the age of twelve, and why wouldn't he take Uda to protect him on his journeys if he's so nervous? Maybe if he's only comfortable around his mother, you could edit it so that his mother accompanied him until around the age of fifteen when he went swimming. You don't have to take that suggestion, of course, but the consistency issues will need to be fixed.

    Pokemon - Just so you know, it takes longer to level up to Junior with Pokemon that have Dream World abilities. Maybe have Uda have Swift Swim, as generally that's a more useful abilty than Water Veil, and it also means rain can counter Smugleaf's fire weakness. Of course, this is your choice; if you want both to have Dream World, you're free to do so.
    Lenny O'Hara

    Posts : 23
    Credits : 45
    Join date : 2012-07-10

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    Re: Titim, Jesen

    Post  Lenny O'Hara on Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:36 pm

    Well, you've got everything I asked for, so...


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    Re: Titim, Jesen

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