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    Rules; Pokemon

    Victor Adonis

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    Rules; Pokemon

    Post  Victor Adonis on Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:00 pm

    "Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Professor Redwood! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself... I study Pokémon as a profession. First, what is your name..."

    For the number of pokemon a trainer may have, please observe the Trainer Rules found by clicking here.

    Below is the format for your pokemon on your trainer card.

    Nickname: This is simply what your trainer calls the pokemon.
    Species: What kind of pokemon it is. There are plenty to choose from. For a list of banned pokemon, see here. (Link coming)
    Type: The type
    Moveset: The four moves your pokemon knows. You can only get moves either by leveling up, or by buying TMs with points. You can only have moves compatiable with your pokemon, and when you level up you get the moves as you would by playing the game itself (Generation Five). Your original two pokemon get the moves they'd have at that level and can choose one breeding move each. It must be approved by a staff member; generally, for attacks that do damage they shouldn't be more powerful than 70, and must not be OHKO moves. Status moves will be checked on a case by case standard.
    Ability: Your Pokemon’s ability. Once again, you can only have abilities available to that pokemon. You can have Dream World abilities but getting them with cost you points.
    Level: This is the level your pokemon is at. Every five points you earn, or for every equilvalent number of posts you make, you can level up one of your pokemon once. This does not cost any points, but you must tell a member of staff that you are doing it.
    Personality: Not to be confused with Pokemon Natures, personality is just how your pokemon behaves and acts. This has no impact on how strong your pokemon is.
    Original Owner; If you traded your pokemon with another member, you must say who gave you that pokemon, what species it was at the time (if it's evolved since then) and what level it was at. In brackets, you must put which pokemon you traded for it, both the nickname and species, and the level it was at the time of trading. For example, I traded my Lvl 28 Flaffy called Jeremy with Ross' Lvl 26 Graveller, in my trading card for my Golem I would put -> Original Owner; Ross. Graveller. Lvl 26. (Jeremy/Flaffy/Lvl28)

    You will be in charge of keeping your trainer card updated all the time; if you don't update your card yourself, you don't get the levels or the moves. If you're in a battle and you say that your pokemon has a certain move, it must be on this trainer card, otherwise it will be disregarded. It's your own fault if people get things wrong. However, so no illegal levelling or movesets are being enacted, there will be regular checks on trainer cards to make sure that all their movepools are legal and their levels were legitimately earned.

    Roleplaying your Pokemon

    Right off the bat, you can't have your character actually be a Pokemon. Not even if Bill's Machine went wrong. That's the way it is, sadly.

    You're in charge of your pokemon's behaviour in your posts, but you have to have it consistent with your trainer card. If your pokemon speak, have it so that they only speak to each other and yourself, and to anyone else it just sounds like the pokemon screaming their names over and over like always.

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