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    Information; The Ivory League

    Victor Adonis

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    Information; The Ivory League

    Post  Victor Adonis on Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:29 pm

    The Ivory League, the Pokemon league for the Atoria region, is a en-masse all year round competition where trainers can compete for the title of the Ivory Champion. There are a few rules that competitors need to adhere to;

    -) You cannot challenge the Elite Four at the League without all eight badges from the league.

    -) If you don't beat a gym leader on your first try, you can't fight a different gym leader and come back later; you cannot move on until you succeed. This rule does not apply for trainers aiming to get their first badge, as a degree of leniency.

    -) You can face gyms in whichever order you like. They all have separate teams for the amount of badges a challenger has so you won't ever be outclassed too heavily. Put simply, gyms' teams are stronger dependent upon how many badges you have.

    -) Once you beat all eight gyms, you can choose face the Elite Four, and finally the Champion. If the champion is defeated, the winner is the new champion. The trainer will automatically have all their Pokemon gain a level boost and stay at the same level forever. At the moment, the champion is an NPC controlled by Sponge, Victor Adonis, but this is subject to change.

    -) The champion cannot turn down the challenge of anyone who's beaten the Elite Four.

    -) If a champion is defeated, their Pokemon's levels are dropped to what they were when they originally became champion. They can either choose to replace one of the Elite Four, or simply travel the world on their own accord.

    Gym leaders

    Blake White
    A lazy and somewhat grumpy gym leader; years of being chosen as the typical starter gym and not being allowed to use his stronger teams has disenfranchised him. Much of his gym has fallen into disrepair over years of neglect.
    Type: Normal. Can be found in: Garnet City. Hands out the White Badge.

    Cheyenne Degarro
    A young, 18-year-old girl, free-hearted and wild-spirited who knows her way around the battlefield as well as the nearby forests.
    Type: Bug. Can be found in: Malachite Town. Hands out the Beryl Badge.

    Eartha Grundy
    A wild child explorer in her childhood, now that she's in charge of the mines of Obsidian City she has mellowed out and is a lot more docile. In combat, though, she's just as aggressive, fiery and powerful as ever.
    Type: Ground. Can be found in: Obsidian City. Hands out the Tan Badge.

    Payton Quared
    Father of two and owner of the nearby Quared Substation, this man possesses surprising conviction when it comes to Pokemon battles.
    Type: Electric. Can be found in: Tourmaline Town. Hands out the Amber Badge.

    Ivy Tohorn
    The respected 'leader' of Coral Village, Ivy is a renowned Psychic with an incredible connection to her Pokemon.
    Type: Psychic. Can be found in: Coral Village. Hands out the Lilac Badge.

    Stanley Wickerfelton
    While he's a man of chequebooks and business rather than battling and brute force, Stanley is more than ready to enter the fray with his pokemon team. He has big plans for his steelworks business and Sunstone City in general.
    Type: Steel. Can be found in: Sunshore City. Hands out the Chrome Badge.

    Undine Shaw
    A fun-loving beauty who never seems to take battling as seriously as she probably should, when the tide begins to turn, Undine can become a deadly force on par with the Elite Four.
    Type: Water. Can be found in: Aquamarine. Hands out the Azure Badge.

    Vincent Gandon
    One of the last sets of alumni from the Moonstone School in his very same town, Vincent is something of a dark and cold man.
    Type: Dark. Can be found in: Moonstone Town. Hands out the Black Badge.

    Elite Four

    Piper O'Graow
    A snarky and snide young woman who likes to prick holes in her opponent's defenses and crash right through a weak spot in a sudden burst of aggression, both on the battlefield and on a psychological level. Piper was the first trainer to topple O'Connor from his throne. As an ex-champion, she by all rights should be the third of the Elite Four, but she chose to go at the front to see the new trainers.
    Type: Poison. Can be found in: Ivory City.

    Gracia O'Graow
    Piper's twin sister might not be nearly as snarky, prefering a dainty and friendlier attitude, but when the fighting begins there's no doubt they're sisters. With a conviction only ever seen in the greatest of masters and having the same ability of poking holes until the opponent's defenses buckle with various tricks, traps and even the odd mind game, Gracia is a pokemon master to be feared alongside any of the Elite Four.
    Type: Ice. Can be found in: Ivory City.

    Rabe Flucht

    Retired from the air force doesn't mean retired from battling, and Rabe is far from done. What he lacks in the fieriness of O'Connor, the aggression in Piper and the deceptiveness of Gracia, he makes up for in experience and wisdom, using every trick he's learnt from his youth to crush any opponent without the skill or finesse to match his own.
    Type: Flying. Can be found in: Ivory City.

    Mickey O'Connor:
    A damned fiery man of high repute within the league, and the fourth of the Elite Four. You'll never see him without a pair of sunglasses and a cigarette. He's got a reason to have that reputation, too; he was the original champion of the Ivory League until Piper beat him, and when he beat her to reclaim his throne he got defeated again almost immediately by Victor, who he repeatedly challenges and loses to to this day. Still, no one can argue with the track record of being Ivory Champion not once, but twice.
    Type: Fire. Can be found in: Ivory City.

    Victor Adonis
    The longest running champion in Atoria, by a long long way. Having battled from an extremely young age, Victor's team is prepared for practically anything, and relies on brute force combined with a cool tactical approach to fighting. Cocky, surprisingly young and loud-mouthed, his confidence means that he'll rarely crack under pressure and is able to maintain a hard offensive against his opponents, often teasing them, emphasising their mistakes and downplaying their successes.
    Type: Varied. Can be found in: Ivory City.

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