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    Information; Evolution

    Cain Adonis

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    Information; Evolution

    Post  Cain Adonis on Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:48 am


    With the levelling system as it is - it's inevitable that at some point, someone will pipe up and say 'how do you evolve'?

    It's pretty simple. Once your Pokemon is an adequate level, simply change the name on your trainer card, and, hey presto, it's all good. You can also carry out the entire ordeal in an RP thread if you wish, so long as you're not soloing.

    However, not all Pokemon evolve via level simply enough. So there's a list of further Pokemon, those who evolve via different terms...


    You must be at least a Junior-class trainer. Your Pokemon must have won at least 5 IC battles (as in, been an active participant in 5 IC battles and NOT FAINTED). EXAMPLES: Crobat, Lopunny, Chimecho

    Levelling-up in areas/at day or night/holding a specific item

    This must be done in RP. You must be at least a Senior-class trainer. You must be walking around at the specific area, or time-zone, or with the specific item. EXAMPLES: Weavile, Leafeon, Umbreon

    Trading a Pokemon

    This MUST be done in RP. You must be at least a Senior-class trainer. Simply contact another trainer, and trade; trading back afterwards is optional, but encouraged. It can be something as simple as another trainer releasing your Pokemon from its Pokeball, or simply someone else using the Pokemon. Perhaps even capture... EXAMPLES: Machamp, Alakazam, Gengar

    Evolutionary stones

    These must be found IC then used. You must be at least a Junior-class trainer for a Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunderstone, or Leaf Stone. You must be at least a Senior-class trainer for a Moon Stone and Sun Stone. You must be at least an Ace-class trainer for a Dusk Stone or Dawn Stone. EXAMPLES: Raichu, Flareon, Nidoking, Honchkrow


    Two Pokemon of ideal egg groups must be placed in the Tourmaline Town Day Care. The owners of the day care, Maria and Roger, will notify you upon return if your Pokemon have bred; the egg will hatch with a younger, pre-evolved version of the female, knowing one of the father's moves. For Pokemon to breed, ten days of real time at least must pass BETWEEN the end of a thread leaving the Pokemon there, and the beginning of a thread picking them up. BOTH MUST BE RPed OUT, AS MUST THE EGG'S HATCHING. Please note: Daycares do not level up your Pokemon.

    Changing formes

    Contact an admin. EXAMPLES: Shaymin, Giratina, Deoxys

    Pokemon not evolving

    You don't want a Pokemon to evolve? Or want to level it up further? Simply don't change the value in the trainer card, then. Simple. No Everstones required.

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